Product Displays

These renders represent a portion of my job responsibilities at UPC as a Designer and 3D modeler. Ideally, I work in tandem with a design engineer to come up with display designs, but in practice I primarily worked solo to produce what you see below for projects to be presented to clients. Each render you see was expected to be taken from ideation to realization in less than eight hours.

LG Signature Series Royal Kitchen Vignette
Sylvania Edison Bulb Display for Menards
Grime Boss Outdoor Wipes Display
Zeiss Rifle Scope Display
RSVP Cards Fed-Ex Gift Card Display
Cracker Barrel Multi Spinner
Fire Disk Display
Silencer Co. Tower
Scentlock OZ Display
Bertazzoni Giada Display
Beko Kitchen Suite Display
Comfortex Blinds Displays
Thermacel POS Display
TFO Rod Floor Display
Oakley Hat Tower
Vortex Qualifier
Bore Boss Isle Violator


LG Signature Kitchen Vignettes

Commercial and trade show concept renders created for LG Signature Kitchen appliances while working for Universal Presentation Concepts in Madison WI.

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