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This is a submission for a Design Competition held by Absolut Vodka in conjunction with Tallant House. The Advertisement is intended for people living in or visiting Las Vegas. The majority of items in the shot are 3D objects that I personally modeled then rendered in 3DS Max, the still renders from 3DS Max are then brought into Photoshop for an overhaul and final placement with 2D stock images to complete the final composition.

These lower images show the final renders of the 3D modeled Wand and Absolute Bottle as exported from 3DS Max. Their corresponding images show the final objects as altered after much work in Photoshop.

The following images show more of the individual assets in their original form. All but the Absolute logo are still renders out of 3DS Max.

The next set of images are renders that have been combined to become the final martini glass.
Individual renders are exported to get the overall form, reflection, shadow and the highlights of the glass.

Further renders out of 3DS Max are done for the Poker Chip as well as the Musical Notes.
These images plus additional stock images are required to complete the final composition.

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