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Sustainable U is a location specific educational video game developed in C++ on the ARIS platform for the University of Wisconsin
Madison Field Day Lab in conjunction with The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. As one of two Visual Artists on the Field Day
Development Team I was tasked with creating numerous environments and 3d modeled characters. These Assets were then to be used
for videos to drive the plot of Sustainable U between the location specific tasks. Other projects included win and fail state graphics,
updated logos, and launch materials. Sustainable U was released on IOS, Android and for online play.

This lower grouping of images are some of the more than Fifty still color plates I created for the Sustainable U project. These plates are first hand draw by
myself then scanned and colored in Photoshop. These Background Plates then become one of the components to the finalized videos for Sustainable U. 

The 3D Characters (Center) are modeled by me in 3DS Max from provided concepts sketches (Left) of the two main characters.
The 3D Characters are then Rendered with Ink and Paint textures before I married the two files in After Effects. (Right)

The resultant 27 videos (not all shown) are then edited in Premiere and handed off for Music Score by a Sound Engineer at Field Day.

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