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Eric D. Peterson 

Recent Work

Universal Presentation Concepts (UPC) 
Art Director 
(Current employer: Please do not contact - References upon request) 
2016 - Current 

Manage numerous time sensitive projects simultaneously  
Supervise and insure adherence of company policy for all employees in direct interaction  
Insure timely and cost-effective completion and delivery of projects  
Manage design schedule and prioritize department work load  
Communicate in professional, timely manner with clients and other departments via email and phone  
Attend meetings with clients and relay pertinent information to colleges  
Produce 3d models and renderings of current projects  
Produce 2d print and web materials  
Produce video materials for marketing purposes  
Set up and manage photo shoots of product and models  
Manage and produce marketing and promotions through social media and Constant Contact  
Produce print and video instruction sheets  
Read and produce technical diagrams and drawings  
Working knowledge of building materials (woods, Plastics and metals)  
Produce production materials and design requests  
Approve all prints for color accuracy before production  
RIP files and operate large format printer  
Maintain department relevant documentation including client branding guidelines  
Maintain departments Shop supplies and place orders with purchasing department  
Complete performance reviews of employees  


University of WI. Madison – Field Day Labs 
3D Animator / Video Producer / Graphic Designer / UI Designer 
August 2014 - Current (Contract Work) 

As a member of the Field Day Labs development team is my job to help develop applications for next generation learning games and translate educational concepts into 2D and 3D Graphics and animations for game production. 

University Contact: David Gagnon  


Madison Art Hub 
Assistant Gallery Curator 
2014- Current 

Job Duties: Plan, Hang and Host Gallery events for the Madison Art Hub. Assist in general day to day functions of the Gallery and Studio space. Create Marketing and promotional materials. Maintain the Madison Art Hub Website. 

Owner: Jeff Gabriel 


Custom Framer 
9/2014 - 2/2016 
Job Duties: Take and place orders for custom framing. Field a wide range of Framing and Art related questions pertaining to Art production, display and conservation. Assemble and Finish Framing Packages for customers. Cut custom mats using Wizard for final assembly.  


EDP Designs 
Visual Artist / Fine Artist 
2005 - Current 

Create Visually stunning Graphics and Video For clients, as well as produce Fine Art for display and sale. 


Program Proficiency 
Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Premier, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Video, 3D Studio Max, Strata 3d, Sound Forge, Pro Tools, Word, Excel, Power Point 


Released Apps 
Ice Cube / Team member of Field Day Lab / 2018 
Atom Touch / Team member of Field day Lab / 2016 
Sustainable U / Team member of Field Day Lab / 2015 


Conference Talks 
ARIS Global Summit / GLS Conference 
University of Wisconsin Madison  
Topic: Sustainable U Design  


MCA-I Wave Student Award Winner  
Winner of MMI Mural Design Contest  
Human Head Studios “Rune 7th Anniversary Art Contest” 
University of WI Oshkosh, HSAD Award Winner / Best in Mixed Media 


Artistic Knowledge 
Water Color, Acrylic, and Oil Painting, Brush Types, Mediums, drying agents and body types, Still Life, Figure and Landscape Drawing, Technical Pens, Colored Pencils, Charcoals, Oil Pastels, Paper Types and Weights, Velum and Transfer Methods, Silk Screening and Printmaking, Camera Work, Color Separation, Mounting, Matt Cutting and Framing, Lost Wax Casting, Paper Mache, Canvas Stretching, Woodworking, Stains and Varnishes, Leather Working, Airbrushes, Spray Paint and Stenciling, Mixed Media, Photography  



Madison Media Institute (Madison, WI) 
Major: Video and Motion Graphics 
Associate's Degree 


Madison Area Technical College (Madison, WI) 
Major: Printing and Graphic Design 
Two Year Certification  


Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Non-linear Video Editing, Advanced Video Compositing, Digital Audio, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Logo Design, Conceptual Drawing and Design, HTML and CSS Design, Flash Web Page Design, Copyright Management, Brand Marketing 


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